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In 2001 Micabella started with a vision to create a line of 100% all natural cosmetics with the highest standards of professional quality .They then strategically placed locations in malls and salons throughout US and Canada and then Europe . They are now an international leader in cosmetics. Micabella products consist of all natural powders which are made of 100% pure MICA and minerals, allowing the natural ingredients to work with the oils in your skin to provide flawless coverage. Micabella's mineral makeup is extremely gentle for even the most sensitive skin. It is free of any preservatives, chemical dyes, talc, oils, or other fillers which allows you to use them on any skin type. In addition, Micabella's mineral makeup has a high antioxidant level to help protect skin from future damage, premature aging and reduce the appearance of damaged skin. Providing a tradition of customer satisfaction, while revolutionizing the mineral makeup industry, Micabella offers a wide variety of colors, to suit every customer's interest and taste. From day to night Micabella's long lasting mineral makeup will leave you looking fresh and glowing all day long.

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Micabella - Where Nature And Beauty Collide

NOTE: Micabella Cosmetics has changed their name to Mica Beauty Cosmetics

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